10 Strange Dog Behaviors Explained

Dogs are loyal and faithful animals that bring much joy to their owners, but sometimes they surprise their owners with behaviors that seem quite strange: rubbing the ground with their hind legs after relieving themselves, greeting each other by sniffing their hindquarters, or suddenly rushing out of an area as if they had been bitten by a tarantula.

What often seems strange to humans is actually part of the language of dogs. Here are 10 “weird” behaviors and what they really mean:

1. He rubs his hindquarters on the ground

The image is funny, but the reality is quite different: this behavior indicates a health problem. You need to go to a veterinarian to determine the cause.

2. He often licks his nose

Dogs regularly lick their nose to keep it moist. This helps to improve their sense of smell and therefore to better identify odors. However, in certain circumstances, this behavior is a message that indicates a feeling of anxiety, even fear. They therefore reassure themselves by licking their nose and lips. If you notice your pet doing this over and over again, try to identify the source of the stress and address it.

3. Rubbing the ground with his hind legs after he does his business

This is an instinctive behavior they use to mark their territory and reinforce their own scent. So everything is normal!

4. He doesn’t like certain people

You may also have noticed that your dog likes some people a little less than others. This behavior is related to his nose: the better his sense of smell, the harder it is for him to find two-legged friends. Certain pheromones in the body of people tell him if they are potentially dangerous or not. But it’s not just pheromones, big hats, children or people with unusual physical characteristics can also scare him.

5. He eats feces

It’s horribly disgusting, but this behavior is not uncommon. It is called “coprophagia” and is justified by the fact that animals want to compensate for a lack of nutrients. However, this theory is controversial. For some researchers, this behavior is the result of a bad habit that can be counteracted with education.

6. He reaches for his tail

It’s funny to see a dog chasing its tail, but this behavior is alarming if it becomes too frequent. It’s a clear sign that the dog is bored and not getting enough attention. Make sure your four-legged friend is getting enough exercise and that you are giving him the care he deserves.

7. He digs holes

There are several reasons for this: either it’s a search for coolness in hot weather, or it’s fun, or it’s boredom. To prevent your pet from ruining your garden, make sure he gets enough exercise and if that’s not the reason, protect your plants!

8. He eats grass

Many dog owners try to prevent their pets from eating grass. They want to prevent it from making them sick. Except that this is perfectly normal behavior. However, if your dog vomits frequently after a walk, you should have him checked for other causes that have nothing to do with eating grass, just to be sure.

9. He climbs on other dogs

There is nothing unusual about this behavior, it is a sign of dominance. By doing this, the dog is trying to get the upper hand on one of his fellow dogs, or even on one of his owners. Between dogs, it’s a way of communicating, but if he starts to do it on you, you absolutely must put him in his place. If you don’t, your dog will think he’s dominating you, and you can get up early and have him listen to you every day.

10. His paws smell

There is no need to worry, the smell is quite normal and comes from bacteria and fatty acids that are in the dog’s skin to keep it healthy. The ears can also give off a very unpleasant smell.

Your faithful companion will no longer have any secrets for you! There is always an explanation for everything, isn’t there?

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