7 Everyday Habits That Can Make You Look Younger

The signs of skin aging appear first in the area around the eyes because this skin is very thin. Fortunately, it is possible to attenuate them and rejuvenate your look by adopting these 7 habits against small wrinkles at the corner of the eyes.

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The eye area is a delicate zone because of its thinness. This very thin skin is the most likely to deepen over time. This is because it has less elastin and collagen than other parts of the face.

Why should fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes be treated differently?

The reason it’s important to treat the eye area differently than other areas of the face is because this skin is very thin. It is therefore more vulnerable to dehydration, which can cause the first wrinkles to appear more quickly. This is why it is important to be more attentive to the signs of sagging around the eyes by adopting a specific treatment.

What are the problems that affect the eye contour area?

While the eye area can be affected by crow’s feet, there are imperfections that compromise the firmness of this area. For reasons of lifestyle or genetics, we can have dark circles and bags that give a tired look. Skin aging, a natural phenomenon, can reduce the elasticity of the eyelids, which can become droopy. This area of the face is the first to age, but not only because of the thinness of the skin. The eye area receives less sebum than other areas, which explains the premature appearance of wrinkles.

It is possible to rejuvenate your eyes by adopting 7 habits

There are several reasons why some people may develop wrinkles and fine lines in this area prematurely. The quality of the skin is the first parameter that impacts the loss of elasticity. People with thin or dry skin are more likely to see sagging around the eyes. Other factors can accelerate skin aging such as smoking, a deadly habit, frequent exposure to the sun but also lack of hydration. Fortunately, some habits adopted in our beauty routine can help us find a fresh and rejuvenated look.

1. Get enough sleep to rejuvenate your eyes

Getting enough sleep isn’t just a habit to maintain your health. Sleeping at least eight hours a day will prevent your skin from premature wrinkles. In addition, you will have a healthy glow when you wake up.

2. Use sunscreen to prevent skin aging

As explained above, prolonged exposure to the sun compromises the elasticity of this thin skin. That’s why it’s important to apply a sunscreen with an appropriate SPF every day, even in winter.

3. Remove your makeup regularly to fight the signs of aging in your eyes

Removing makeup without rubbing too much helps preserve the fragile skin around the eyes. If you have applied waterproof makeup, it is recommended that you use a product adapted to waterproof makeup to remove makeup residue more easily without irritating the skin.

4. Wear sunglasses to prevent sagging skin in this area

Prolonged exposure to the sun is one of the most important factors in premature skin aging. To protect your eyes, it is essential to wear sunglasses to protect yourself from the ultraviolet rays that accelerate the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines such as crow’s feet.

5. Drink enough water to prevent expression lines around the eyes

Hydration starts from the inside out. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day to oxygenate your cells and maintain the elasticity of your skin, especially around the eyes.

6. Use eye contour creams for an anti-wrinkle effect

To tone up the eye area, it is important to moisturize this fine and delicate skin. That’s why you’ll need to adopt an organic cream specific to this area in your evening beauty routine. This product is oilier than other anti-wrinkle cosmetics due to the lack of sebum in this area.

7. Use grape seed oil to boost collagen production

Thanks to its high content of polyphenols, antioxidants that fight against free radicals responsible for premature aging, grape seed oil is an anti-aging treatment suitable for this area of the face. Massaging with this ingredient will help you rejuvenate your look.

By adopting these not so restrictive habits, you delay the appearance of wrinkles and give a second youth to your look.


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