8 Surprising Things Your Washing Machine Can Clean

1. Backpack

Apart from leather backpacks, canvas or nylon backpacks can go through the washing machine just fine. If your backpack is very dirty, clean it first with a damp cloth so that the dirt doesn’t mix with the wash water.

Before putting your bag in the drum, open its pockets and put it in a pillowcase to protect the zippers from getting stuck in the drum. Another option is to simply turn the bag inside out and wash it on a 20°C or 30°C wash program.

2. Rubber yoga mat

If your gym clothes can be washed in the washing machine, why not your yoga mat? For that, choose a soft cycle at 30°C and without spinning to not deteriorate the rubber of your mat and use only the detergent without adding softener to preserve the adherence of your mat. It is advisable to dry your carpet away from the sun, as it may dry out your carpet and make it crack.


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