8 Tips to Polish and Clean Jewellery at Home

Cleaning involves almost every aspect of our daily lives. We clean our dishes, rinse our clothes, take a shower, wash our car, clean our house, etc. But jewelry cleaning is something we rarely, if ever, think about. However, even these accessories, reputed to be imperishable, need a refurbishment from time to time, that’s why we are going to show you some techniques to clean your jewelry efficiently and prevent it from tarnishing.

Washing your gold jewelry

We will start with gold, which is the most common form of jewelry. Several simple techniques can be used for this type of cleaning.

The most common method is soapy water, which is known for its effectiveness. Prepare a bath of Marseille soap and put your jewelry in it, letting it soak for two minutes. Then, scrub them carefully with a toothbrush, slowly so as not to cause scratches. Rinse with clean water and use a soft cloth to dry. You can use the same cloth used to clean glasses, for example, as long as it is clean.

Baking powder can also be a good solution for cleaning gold jewelry. Sprinkle a few pinches on your jewelry and rub gently with a soft cloth. After that, rinse and dry the jewelry.

A traditional, disdained but effective method is to use onion juice. The juice should be poured over the jewelry, and then, using a cloth, you should rub the parts that are beginning to tarnish. Then finish by rinsing thoroughly and drying.

Washing your silver jewelry

Silver jewelry requires different methods and substances than the previous ones to be cleaned properly. Like gold, there are various solutions to achieve this. For example, you can sprinkle baking soda on a pre-moistened toothbrush and rub it gently over your jewelry. You should see results fairly quickly, with the jewelry starting to shine again. After this operation, you should rinse thoroughly, and wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth or tissue. In the absence of baking soda, lemon is a good alternative.

Also, you can soak your jewelry in a bowl of white vinegar for about 2 hours. The corrosive power of white vinegar is strong enough that you don’t even need to scrub; remove the jewelry, rinse it and then wipe it gently with a suitable cloth. Cola is an alternative to white vinegar, except that the jewelry must be soaked overnight.

Another solution, not very common but nevertheless effective, is to use beer; put your silver jewelry in a cup of beer overnight and rinse it the next day.

Finally, the last resort is to use toothpaste; put a little on a clean, moistened toothbrush and start scrubbing gently. Rinse and wipe with a suitable cloth, and you’re done.

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