8 Weird Genetic Mutations That You Never Knew Existed

If you consider two people, it is impossible that they look like one another. This is because each human being has his or her own genome. However, sometimes these biological differences can lead to genetic mutations. Even if these mutations are rare, some people who have been victims of these genetic variations have been considered as different.

Here are 8 rare humans who really exist!

1) The Blue Man

Known as “The Blue Man” or “Papa Smurf”. Paul Karason was a man unlike any other. What made him special? The color of his skin which was blue!

For years, Paul had been taking a drug based on silver nanoparticles to treat a dermatitis. This is a chronic skin condition that he had on his face. But, by dint of using this treatment in self-medication! Paul ended up suffering from the side effects as the color of his skin turned blue!

His aspect is very strange

But our friend didn’t seem to mind. Indeed, he did not hesitate to accept interviews on the numerous television sets where he was invited.

He spoke about his “argyrosis”, the condition from which he suffered and which, at the beginning, had pushed him to live isolated from the rest of the world for a certain time. Before he decided to talk about it in 2008.

2. A cyclist suffers from loss of body fat

If some people always complain about their fatness, and feel the need to diet or train day and night to be able to lose pounds, Tom Staniford, instead, wants to gain some!

This cyclist, who is part of the English national Paralympic team. He suffers from an extremely rare genetic disease, which is due to a unique genetic mutation. Result: this disease causes a loss of fat mass.

An extremely rare case

Born with a normal weight, Tom Staniford has suffered from “MDP syndrome” since his young age. This is a disease that very, very, very few people have these days. As of December 2014, there were less than 10 cases of it worldwide alone! And Tom Staniford is one of them.

3. A strange condition: The wrinkled child

We will now look at a case that has long been a great medical mystery. Tomm Tennent, a young Australian born in 1993, was not a baby like the others.

When he was born, his body was covered with an amount of skin that was roughly equivalent to that of a 5 year old! He was also so wrinkled that his appearance caused a shock to his parents, and to the doctors who were seeing such a case for the first time.

Because, it should be remembered, Tomm was the very first child ever observed with this problem of excess skin quantity. Nobody knew the real reason behind this skin problem. And for the doctors, it was therefore impossible to prescribe a suitable treatment for the little boy.

However, the parents did not give up

On the contrary, they continued their research in order to solve the mystery of little Tomm, who then had to undergo a multitude of tests and analyses during two and a half months in a medical center. Finally, the doctors were able to discover that the child had an excessively high level of hyaluronic acid.

This acid, which is present in the skin, was in fact 100 times higher than normal! On the other hand, the doctors were able to see that there were similarities between the case of little Tomm and…the Shar Pei breed of dogs which has excess skin at birth!

4. A woman with an unusual mutation

Victoria Wright is a young British woman who suffers from a facial malformation. Indeed, the young woman suffers from cherubism! It is a fibro-osseous genetic disease responsible for the deformation of the mandible, and sometimes also of the maxilla.

It is at the age of 4 that the doctors discovered that Victoria suffered from this disease which ended up disfiguring her face and making her look different from the others. Beyond that, the young woman also suffered from being the target of mockery.

Hurtful comments

Unfortunately, the woman who played the role of “April” in the British parody documentary CastOffs, had to face hurtful comments because of her unusual appearance.

5. The man with three legs

Frank Lentini… This name may not mean anything to you, but you will be surprised to discover his story. Francesco Lentini, an American of Italian origin, was born in May 1889. However, as soon as he was born, he found himself at the heart of all the attention because of his uncommon physical appearance.

Because the little Sicilian had three legs, one of which came out of his right hip! Not only did he have three legs, but he also had four feet – one of which was at the knee of the third leg, 16 toes and double genitals!

A parasitic twin

You’re probably wondering what could have caused this deformity, right? Well, it went back to the pregnancy. Frank’s mother was pregnant with twins, but one of them was actually a “parasitic twin”.

6. An unusual bizarre mutation: the three-armed child

Gaurab Garum, a little boy living in Nepal, has a very special disability. Indeed, the child lives with a third arm that has grown… on his back! As the little boy grew, this third arm continued to grow with him, bothering the child in his sleep.

You might think it’s an arm like the other two. But in reality, it is a protrusion of the spine, the result of a disease called “spina bifida”.

A very strange malformation

This malformation due to a bad structure of the vertebral arches would affect 1 baby out of 2000 or more in the world. But a third arm with a hand is something extremely rare, and the question of its removal has left the parents of the little boy in a great dilemma.

7. A model with special beauty

Far from deformities and disabilities, let’s now discover a young person with a stunning appearance. Nyakim Gatwech, a model born in Ethiopia but originally from South Sudan, stands out from many other people thanks to her very dark skin color.

Due to a very high melanin level, this young woman’s skin is very dark, so dark that it has earned her the nickname “The Queen of Dark”.

“The Queen of Dark” is a celebrity

It is a spontaneous photo with another mixed-race model named Precious Katelyn Grant, which would open the doors of fashion and modeling to her a few years ago. Today, the young woman, 27 years old, has already made the front page of some major magazines.

8. An unusual mutation, Waardenburg syndrome

Finally, we would like to mention a genetic disease called “Waardenburg syndrome”, which was first described in the early 1950s.


It is a disorder due to a set of unusual congenital malformations, which manifests itself by deafness of various degrees. Also pigmentation defects in the eyes, skin and hair. As well as certain facial morphological particularities.

One in 40,000 people in the world

These include a widening of the base of the nose, lateral displacement of the internal angle of the eyes and the “harelip”, among others. There are four types of Waardenburg syndrome, two of which are considered rare.


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