A Disturbing Three meters long Creature was discovered in the open sea!

A strange creature would have been seen and photographed in Port Douglas, Australia. Nicknamed “the unicorn of the sea”, this creature could measure up to 3 meters long.

An Australian diver made a surprising discovery. He crossed the path of a creature of more than three meters long in Port Douglas, Australia.

A surprising discovery

Jay Wink is an Australian diver who would have made the encounter of the century. In the middle of a diving session, as he is used to do, the man would have made a completely unexpected encounter! Jay Wink would have found himself face to face with a pyrosome, a strange creature also nicknamed “the unicorn of the sea” because of its mysterious nature.

The pyrosome would have been seen by the diver in Port Douglas, located on the Coral Sea, in Australia. It is true that many unusual phenomena occur in Australian waters. But not only. Australia is known to be a land that shelters the worst species of spiders… which do not fail to scare tourists or to make the front page of local newspapers. But let’s come back to our sea unicorn….

What is the pyrosome or the “unicorn of the sea”?

Although its nickname is similar to the sweet name given to the narwhal, this cetacean with a horn on its forehead, the pyrosome is far from being like it. Indeed, it would be in fact a mass of thousands of living organisms which can take the shape of a tube. These thousands of organisms are called zoids. They give the impression of a particular lighting under water and look like a huge tube made of jelly when they form the pyrosome.

Pyrosomes are Thaliaceae, “often transparent barrel-shaped organisms”. The one that Jay Wink would have managed to take a picture of would measure no less than three meters long. “Under the surface, there was this bright pink, the photos really don’t do it justice,” he told Daily Mail Australia about his “particularly atypical” and obviously beautiful discovery.

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