No matter how many times I try, I will not lose weight … You may not be able to choose the diet method that suits you best. Do you want to find an effective diet method that suits your needs? It is said that the success of a diet depends on whether or not you are following a diet that suits you. How can I find the right one? But it is a shortcut to success. It is important to know what diets are available for that purpose. Find the one that suits you best.

List of diet methods

There are two main dieting methods, but the basic idea is to reduce subcutaneous fat through “calorie intake and calorie intake.”

Diet to reduce caloric intake

It is a way to lose weight by reducing the calories you store in your body from your diet. Subcutaneous fat is reduced by reducing caloric intake from the formula “caloric intake <caloric intake”. The key to this method is to reduce calories while ensuring that nutrients enter the body. There are several ways to continue this diet.

Diet log

A diet that has been popular for a long time is a method of controlling calories by visualizing the calories ingested. By writing down what you eat, you can see what’s in your body, remember the excess alcohol, and correct it.

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