Jogging diet

It is the best way to exercise the whole body and diet while consuming a lot of calories. If you get used to it, you can jog for about an hour, so anyone can give it a try. By the way, the calorie consumption of jogging is “weight (kg) x distance (km) = calorie consumption (Kcal)”. A 50 kg woman can burn 400 kcal after running for 1 hour (8 km slow run). It has about 160 calories per cup of pasta and about 160 calories per cup of rice, so it’s worth eating a lot.

Swimming diet

In addition to jogging, we also recommend swimming, which allows you to burn a lot of calories without worrying about injuries caused by whole-body exercise. Swimming requires skill and the calories burned seem to vary considerably from person to person. However, when looking at the average calories burned in some places, a woman’s hourly crawl is about 800-1000 kcal, the stroke is about 500 kcal, and an hour of walking underwater is about 200 kcal. It’s not as easy as jogging or walking because it requires space and skill, but if you’re serious about dieting, it may be worth getting started.

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