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The traveler’s adventure continues as they embark on the journey of the encounter Genshin Impact‘s The Seven Archons. Their next stop is Inazuma, the land permeated by the element of Electro. The God of eternity, the Electro Archon, Baal, openly rules the region as the Raiden Shogun.

The Electro Element permeates the environment in Inazuma. There are a variety of plants, animals and creatures that are exclusively exclusive to this region. As beautiful as it looks with its purple Japanese aesthetic elements, you will never experience danger before. Some of these can even make the exploration of Monstadt and Liyue look like a jaw-dropping one. With that in mind, we believe you need to be prepared for what lies ahead. We have compiled a guide to the most important new features of these mysterious islands.

Genshin Impact Travel tips for exploring Inazuma

Tip # 1: Call the Electrogranum by the Thunder Sakura Bough

The Thunder Sakura Bough is a sacred little tree that looks like a real bonsai that can be used to summon the Electrogranum. The Electrogranum is a temporary companion that will help the traveler through the dangerous lands of Inazuma.

Tip # 2: Upgrade your Electrogranum by visiting the Sacred Sakura Tree in the Grand Narukami Shrine

Genshin Impact Grand Narukami Shrine

Grand Narukami Shrine (c) miHoYo

On top of the Grand Narukami Shrine is the Sacred Sakura Tree. The scenery is something to behold, and apart from the beauty, it also empowers the Electrogranum which makes it more effective as a travel guide. Be sure to visit the sanctuary, as you can help empower your Electrogranum in so many ways.

Tip # 3: Through difficult slopes with the Thunder Spheres

The Electrogranum has several advantages when it comes to exploration, one of which is access to the Thunder Spheres. With these floating beacons, the traveler carrying an Electrogranum can cut in the direction of the Thunder Spheres. It looks like Keqing’s elementary skill, Stellar Restoration, minus the damage. This set provides interesting methods to move through difficult landscapes.

Thunder Barriers and Ballet Dogs

Tip # 4: Around Thunder Barriers

As a way to make travel more challenging, there are the Thunder Barriers that prevent you from obtaining treasures or simply reaching a destination. The only way to proceed is if you have an Electrogranum. However, you should pay attention to the symbols on the Thunder Barriers, as it represents the strength of the required Electrogranum, while some are stronger than others. Therefore, we need to emphasize again how important it is to upgrade your Electrograna to the Sacred Sakura Tree.

Thunderstorms are totems present on some Thunder Barriers that damage the traveler, but can be suppressed by the Electrogranum for a short period of time. This prevents the traveler from staying inside the Thunder Barriers for too long.

Tip # 5: Survive the Balethunder

Some areas in this region suffer from Balethunder, the constant state of electrolyte. Be careful as this will hurt the traveler. Staying near a Thunderwood will protect the traveler from being constantly damaged by the Balethunder.

Bonus tip: follow the Electro Seelie

Follow the ubiquitous Seelie, who apparently adapted to the harsh environment of Inazuma and gives it the classic purple Electro shape. They always lead you to something good. There is even one that according to rumored players leads to treasures.

Inazuma brings a whole new layer of gameplay and fresh, albeit more challenging forms of exploration. For me, this is an example of the enhancement of game development by miHoYo, depending on who is looking for it. Genshin Impact v2.0 really enhances the prospect in terms of exploration, and we can not wait to explore Inazuma along the course of the storyline.

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