His wife Passed Away Suddenly and Left Him With 5 Children

Losing a partner, child, family member or friend is a traumatic experience. Grief is a particularly hard time to face and unfortunately it is also a process that children face when they lose a parent. This is what these five children experience when their mother dies…

Indeed, the mourning is unique for each child and the surviving parent must accompany them in this stage. However, the moment of explaining the cause of death is often difficult because the adult must also understand it well.

Read the story of Joey Rott who tragically lost his wife to this condition that can affect anyone!

The story of Joey Rott and the tragic death of his wife:

Joey Rott, a native of Kansas in the United States, met his future wife Cassie in 2004. This was the beginning of a beautiful love story that led to marriage and the arrival of two little girls, Chloe aged 6 and Tenley aged 2.

It was then that in 2015, Cassie became pregnant again. The couple is delighted and learns with shock that they will have not one but three new babies. The arrival of the triplets moves Cassie enormously because she bursts into tears at this announcement.

After 23 weeks of pregnancy, Cassie was admitted to a medical center located two hours away from their home. She spent most of the rest of her pregnancy there, receiving visits from her family on weekends.

Finally, when the time came to give birth, everything went well and Cassie was discharged from the hospital accompanied by her husband and five children. However, a week after her discharge, she wakes up during the night with extreme chest pains and tachycardia. Joey takes her straight to the emergency room in the hospital where she gave birth and the doctors, after several tests, discover a blood clot in Cassie’s lungs.

Cassie was suffering from a pulmonary embolism, which means that a clot was circulating in the blood and blocking one or more arteries supplying the lung. This blood clot usually occurs during phlebitis and then breaks off from the vein and travels up to the lungs or heart.

Cassie received the care she needed to recover. She left the hospital only a few days later and went home. The couple was welcomed home with great joy by their children. The mother resumed a normal rhythm by preparing cakes for her daughters and by taking care of the triplets’ business. Only, after some time, the symptoms reappear and Joey brings her back immediately to the emergency room.

During the car ride, Cassie loses consciousness. When she is taken to the hospital, the doctors tell Joey that her life is at risk. She dies afterwards.

Joey finds himself a widower with five children. It is a heavy responsibility which weighs on his shoulders, in addition to the mourning of his wife. However, he receives support from friends and family as well as donations of baby diapers or money to help him through this ordeal.

Cassie’s belongings are still in the house as Joey is having trouble letting go of them and wants to honor his wife’s memory by reminding his children how wonderful and loving their mother was.

This tragic story reminds us how precious life is but also that during a pregnancy, we must be vigilant about certain diseases such as phlebitis!

Phlebitis during pregnancy

Indeed, during a pregnancy, heavy legs are common but can lead to more serious and even fatal diseases such as phlebitis.

Phlebitis, or venous thrombosis, is characterized by the formation of a blood clot in a vein. Usually located in the lower limbs, symptoms include pain in the calf, a feeling of heavy legs and a slight fever. A discrete edema or swelling may be noted as well as a sensation of heat.

The risk factors for this disease are an immobile position, taking certain medications and smoking. In addition, pregnancy hormones, increased blood volume and the growth of the baby affect blood circulation, making pregnancy another risk factor for phlebitis.

Preventing phlebitis

To avoid suffering from phlebitis, whether outside or during pregnancy, the best precaution to take is to walk and spend little time sitting, which will promote blood circulation. However, when you are lying down, make sure to elevate your legs. In addition, pay particular attention to weight gain and if you have a history of it, wear compression stockings.

Post-pregnancy phlebitis

The risk of phlebitis is always present days after childbirth. Therefore, make sure to continue the prevention of this potentially fatal disease, a post-pregnancy medical follow-up is therefore essential.